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Over on Vinca’a A Thinka I’ve just finished a post on how my youngest son LB is the greatest! Well, he’s doing pretty well in his gymnastics and I am really proud of his efforts; not least because he won a gold medal at our county finals for the Community Games on Saturday.

What I noticed as a result of photo’s taken a couple of weeks earlier is that I have forgotten how to use my lovely Canon EOS SLR 300. Despite the similarities between it and my every day work horse of a digital camera; which by the way has taught me much about photography, I discovered that the two cameras are very different beasts! On Saturday I nearly missed getting any photos at all of my little gymnast due to the fact that the operations dial is the on/off switch while on the digital it is a separate button. Oops!

Still; I got there in the end. By using the SLR film camera I was able to use my big lenses; which means that I should have one or two nice shots of LB doing his routine. The beauty of these lenses is that providing the little girl beside you doesn’t decide to get into the frame you can focus on someone a good eight feet away without losing the clarity or having them appear as just a dot in the distance. As LB is particularly photogenic this is a real advantage…

One thing that really does tick me off about digital photography is the apparent urgency associated with taking photo’s while attending any kind of an event these days. With the impact of digital photography it seems to me that many people are missing the occasion because of their insistance playing with their festering camera!

With film it’s different. The expense of developing film these days leads to caution; I tend to wait for natural photo opportunities and strike while the iron is hot. I am careful about what I shoot though; as a) I like to enjoy the event itself and b) I am too mean to pay for roll upon roll of bad film to be developed. Thankfully this has lead me to be a little bit more circumspect while using the digital camera; after all, I can edit things later on, can’t I?

That of course leads me to my other bug-bear; which is not having enough memory. Why, oh why do people insist on keeping the scrappy memory cards which come with their fantastic new digital camera’s? The average card will allow roughly 12 – 16 photo’s at a decent pixel rating, ie good quality.

I am not suggesting that you chuck the original cards out; rather that you replace them with something a bit more powerful like a 1GB card which will allow roughly 400 photo’s at top quality settings. Use the smaller card for downloading shots for other people or taking special photo’s to the printers for developing…

By using a larger memory card and reducing the number of photos you can take on your digital camera you can improve the quality of those shots dramatically. I only wish my friend had put this into practice at a mutual friends wedding recently. Even with photoshop I can’t improve the quality of the pictures taken; because they are of such poor resolution in the first place. This is a huge disappointment for me; as I had hoped to include them in the scrapbook I’ve promised to make for the happy couple!

I don’t imagine anyone taking 1,500 shots at their cousins wedding; unless they are being paid to take them, so why not give it a try; after all you stand to gain much by doing so. I mean; there is nothing worse than grainy pictures which obscure the view is there…?

So there we are! That is my post for the day; giving out generally about photography and the delights of modern technology…

Until the next time; keep on tinkering!


Polly Peirce

Purveyor of Lovely Handmade Irish Greeting Cards & Wedding Stationary


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