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Well it has been a few days since my last post; in fact, I can hardly believe just how many it has been. I am in danger of slipping back into the swamp of oblivion again, as gradually my aching mind lapses more and more…

So, what have I been up to since we last communicated? The answer is simply that I have been loaded up to the eyeballs on pain killers and most anything else I could get my hands on as I have been suffering another flare up of the dreaded Fibro-pain. This time it is located somewhere between the lower ribs on the right hand side of my body.

The pain has been getting progressively worse; to the point where I slept with a rolled up pillow under the natural curvature of the spine while lying on the left hand side, to relieve the pressure exherted by my bodily particles in the many and varied positions which I tried to lie in last night. The pain isn’t excrutiating; rather a dull persistant pain which becomes excrutiating upon being hugged or nudged accidentally, it is difficult to locate on purpose but oh, so easy by accident!

Needless to say, I have been pottering about the house and garden; enjoying the fine weather in a slightly muzzy state of mind as the various proprietory pain killers, anti-inflammatories and narcotics take their effect. I am lethargic and drowsy; while the kids are in school at least, and unable to give my full attention to my blogs or websites – for fear of messing stuff up!

As a result of this sad state that I find myself in I am taking time out to review the ergonomic devices that make it possible for me to continue with my blogging, etc, despite my inclinations to roll into a tight foetal ball and forget about it all until the pain has passed me by.

Having taken delivery of my Wacom Bamboo Graphics Pad a few weeks ago, I can now announce that I have lost the pen which makes it all possible! Heaven only knows how, but this is what I am afraid of at the moment, ie losing the plot altogether.

For my birthday DG bought me a lovely red/burgundy upholstered office chair for use at my second hand swanky computer desk, obtained via Freecycle. The persistant pain in my left hip seems to have flown the coup since I started to use the adjustable height and posture lever’s and the pain in my right shoulder and neck has improved due to the fact that I am now sitting at an appropriate height.

Unfortunately, it seems that the numbness in the right hand, which had improved dramatically is destined to worsen due to the absence of the afore mentioned pen. Before I started to use the graphics pad, I had no idea how useful it was going to be; in terms of navigating the keyboard and scrolling up and down the page it has proved to be invaluable. As the manufacturer is keen to point out, the angle at which you hold a pen is far more natural than how you hold the mouse and is less inclined to lead to repetitive strain injuries. It certainly seemed to work with me…

One thing that is missing from my list of conveniences and essentials is a foot rest. I already have a wrist rest for use with the nearly obsolete mouse and as I was taught the skill of touch typing I instinctively type in the correct position and don’t require one for the keyboard itself. However, I already had back problems, long before I sucumbed to the Fibro/ME; these are exacerbated by my tendency to cross my legs rather than sit with my feet flat on the floor with my knees slightly apart. Yes, a foot rest would definately come in handy in the meantime, I can recommend using an old telephone directory or two!

As I inherited my HUGE oversized 17″ screen from my Mom, on one of her upgrades, I also inherited an anti-glare screen. This does appear to work, as the degree of eyestrain suffered is minimal and can usually be countered by the sensible wearing of my glasses, however common sense is often overthrown by enthusiasm!

All in all things are pretty much as good as they could be at the moment. I have a number of helpful items at my disposal, all of which are designed to make life as easy as can be, and to keep it that way. One item that has been noticeably missing from my inventory is wireless broadband and a laptop computer. Well; that all changed last Wednesday when a second-hand Dell Latitude CPi was delivered courtesey of EBay and an anonymous benefactor! Thank you to both…

I managed to track down a wireless dongle to fit into the back of the machine one day earlier this week. So far I have configured the lap-top, but have yet to get down to sorting out the wireless internet facility with my PC. Like all good things, this will come to he/she who waits, but right now I am waiting for a moments lucidity when I am not up to the eyeballs delivering boy’s here, there and every where!

Whoo-hoo! It works, so now I can lie in the lap of luxury and still play on the internet! The boy’s in the meantime can play on their online gaming sites to their heart’s content. Of course this is only possible because of my installation of Norton Internet Security and the FREE Parental Control download pack. As good as the Microsoft security is; I firmly believe in Norton and will always be able to rely upon it, although I have now got to figure out how to download it onto the new laptop. After all, I don’t want a bug on there now, do I?

Meanwhile, I can still play on the internet and keep the boy’s off MY computer. If I need to make international phone calls I can always use the Skype facility, which wouldn’t be such a bad idea as I need to check the balance on my bank account in the UK; which otherwise can add a lot to the cost of the phone bill(ie landline). Unfortunately, some of these things don’t always come cheap, but they are worth their weight in gold…

As I’m running short on time; I am going to desert this post for the time being and re-visit it in the dead of night; when no-one’s looking so that I can update the links and maybe add a photo or two. And if I’m lucky, I will remember to sign in and out of my TSheets account time-clock…

For the time being; patience is a virtue!

Polly Peirce

ps. A whole week later, I am finishing this post off and I am pain free! It’s amazing how using ergonically designed things while doing stuff which could potentially be further detrimental to my health can actually lead to an improvement! See ya!


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