And Polly Offended Anonymous

May 17, 2008 at 4:08 pm Leave a comment

Just the other day, being a keen amateur photographer and general tinkerer I was delighted to come across a photoshop tutorial on how to turn the very beautiful Ms Angelina Jolie into a spectacularly beautiful Vampire.

Mistakenly I posted this to my Polly’s Peri-wrinkle’s & Peircing’s! blog; and in return I received a very interesting comment suggesting that I was tormenting the now heavily pregnant Ms Jolie with such cruel attention.

When I posted the tutorial; by a gentleman named Yankfroggy, I had no idea that the lady in question was pregnant, and to be honest even less interest in her life or the lives of celebrities in general.

You can imagine my shock when I discovered myself reviled in this way; I had specified that the post would likely be more appropriate to this blog, due to the technical nature and now wonder if being “one of her kind” is what caused the offence?

Yes, folks believe it or not, I am human; although if Mr Yankfroggy were able to perform a little of his magic I would be delighted, pregnant or otherwise! As a result of what I consider to be a personal and unnecessary attack upon my integrety as a human being, ie “one of her own kind” I will let you decide if I am wrong in deciding to further this tutorials exposure…

I am sorry that I have been unable to embed the clip directly into the post; however, if you click on the link you will be transported instantly to another place. Warning: this is not for the faint of heart!


I can’t wait to try it out myself, but like most things it will have to wait for a while, ie until I have a lovely photograph of myself to be tweaked. I suspect that I could be waiting a while for this, but wouldn’t wish to offend anyone else! ROLF!!


Polly Peirce


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