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Hi there!

When I opened my e-mails this morning I came across on from Yaro Stark; he periodically sends me tips and hints on how to be a blogger and even make a little money out of it. This particular e-mail is of great interest to me; despite the fact that I’ve been blogging for a while now, as it offers a link to his Become a Blogger site.

As they say, curiosity killed the cat and of course I just had to open the link and explore further into the realm of this blog master. I had heard about the video series, which he mentions in the e-mail, but somehow I had never actually come across them; maybe because of the difficulties dealing with a back-log of mail…

If only I had encountered this series of video’s when I started off blogging! I have no doubt that I would have found things easier and would have progressed at a better speed than I have; despite this I am please to announce that I now have two blog’s with a Google Page Ranking. Okay, so it is only a One; but hey, out of 10 that’s not too bad and it’s better than a big, fat Zero! Maybe you’d like to check ’em out and let me know what you think: Polly’s Peri-wrinkle’s & Peircing’s! and the Vinca Cards landing page!

For anyone who’s thinking of setting out on the journey that I started a little over six months ago, why not follow the link and see what Yaro has to offer. I certainly intend to, even if it’s only to confirm what I have actually learned so far; hopefully I will come away with loads of idea’s on how to improve things in my little realm in Blogland…

Polly Peirce

Purveyor of Fine Hand-made Irish Greeting Cards & Wedding Stationary


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