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Well, I’ve been trying out Tsheets; as referred to in a previous post, for the past few days now and have discovered what can only be called a fatal error in its programming. That is the unfortunate fact that you still have to rely on a human being to clock in and clock out…

Out of five days I have forgotten on three separate occasions that I had to clock out. The result? A huge cock-up in terms of managing time-sheets and figuring out wages, etc. Ah, ha! Wrong again! This is where the boys over at Tsheets have really triumphed; they offer the employer the option of a manual adjustment at the time of discovering the mistake. This can be done by the employee from either their computer or mobile/cell phone.

Not only this; a notification is sent to the employers in-box within minutes of this occurring. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is still necessary to check up on employee time keeping; which can be a costly affair in terms of paper work and hardware to facilitate it.

Thanks to Tsheets the small employer can still play with the big boys in terms of efficiency and budgetting; all for a very reasonable monthly rate starting at $9.95 for a company with up to five employee’s. However, this still leaves the issue of employee/employer error when it comes to clocking out!

Maybe I’ll have to resort to Post-It notes on the computer screen to remind me? And one on the front door? The windscreen? Fridge door, etc! You, know this is getting a bit silly isn’t it?

Still, even with my obviously attrocious memory I do have a much better idea of how I have spent the past few days and have been able to boast about my increased productivity to one and all…LOL

Bye for Now

Polly Peirce


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