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April 24, 2008 at 3:26 pm Leave a comment

Returning to the subject of my last post, which was time management; if I use Tsheets new technology to keep an eye on how I use my own time too. For example if I happen be on a trip to the supermarket, and decide to visit the stationers or craft shop for business purposes, with Tsheets new programme I will be able to differentiate how I have used this time. As a time management exercise it will be an invaluable tool to me; for employers it will be a Godsend, no more hazzarded guesses or forgotten time.

Then there is the issue of my computer usage; much of which is for the purpose of growing my business and networking, but some of it is for sneaky pleasure! As the timeclock is available at the touch of a button, either from my phone or my PC it should become easier to ascertain just how I am spending my time. So far it has been four hours and eight minutes of work time, but what about the time before I clocked in? See my point! After all, if you can’t see the wood for the tree’s it can be very difficult to navigate, can’t it?

In the future, hopefully not too distant either, when I reach the stage that I can afford to hire a couple of helpers or outsource I will be able to expand to the small business the programme; which will allow up to five worker’s to be entered.

Currently the personal programme is available free of charge; however of the best things about Tsheets is that all this is available for a modest monthly fee; depending on which programme you subscribe to. Tsheets subscriptions start at just $9.95 for a five employee license; offering a range up to $99.95 for a five hundred employee license. Customized pricing options are also available for companies employing in excess of five hundred employee’s.

Aside from the obvious advantages of easy access to the Tsheet timeclock, this programme will make drawing up of salary cheques easier as the relevent reports are available at the touch of a button. All in all I can see this system proving to be very successful and wish the Tsheets the very best of luck in this venture.

Their story has been picked up in some prominent places, ie FoxBusiness

Why not check this story out by following the links and trying Tsheets out for yourself; they are offering a thirty day free trial. Get ahead of the game and sign up by using the link below!

That way I get to make a few pennies through affiliate marketing too…

Fear not it’ll not be a whole month before I check in with you again. I realise that I have neglected my responsibilities, but that part of my life is over now and I am looking only to the future and hoping that the Fibromyalgia/ME lets me get on with things!

Bye for now,

Polly Peirce

ps I’ve just been checking out Tsheets blog and notice that they’re offering a reward of $500.00 for the best peice about them and their new product. I must hold my hands up and state categorically that at the time I wrote the majority of this peice I had no idea that this was on and chose to do so simply because I am impressed! Honest!


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Coaching Rescues Polly Polly Rescued; Tsheets Soars…

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