Easter Gluttony

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When I got up this morning it was early , although I had the distinct feeling that it might not have been quite early enough. With my soul torn between a lazy slouch around the house and a mad dash around the kitchen I decided to opt for something in between; a double batch of Chocolate Muesli Brownies and some Leek and Potato Soup. Don’t forget the cup of tea to break fast…
As a cook, I might not be the best and while the boys and DG are very complimentary about my efforts I have had more than the occasional disaster. This morning was no different in this respect; as I set out to measure my ingredients I became quite nervous about the amount of Cocoa required. Since LB discovered the delights of making his own hot chocolate; this dark brown powder has developed a nasty habit of running out on a regular basis – on this occasion I was lucky. I’d bought a job lot while on hols in the UK last year…
My other big problem is that while I generally have all the right equipment in my kitchen, I don’t always tend to use it properly. Two cups of plain flour soon become four half cups, which soon turn into five nearly full half cups and one ingredient is substituted for another without a care in the world. I suppose at this stage in my life I’ve been cooking long enough to have a good idea regarding mixes and flavours.
Unfortunately this is where things can go very wrong indeed. Since the Fibromyalgia/ME kicked in my memory has been badly affected; as has my cognitive function. The results have been disastrous at times and fortuitous at others. This morning it was the eggs; they were nothing but an afterthough.
By half past eleven things were really getting going. At this stage I was half dressed in my Scouting hike gear, cleansed and ready to go. The brownies were cooling on a rack and the Leek and Potato Soup was ready for serving; but where were my hiking boots? Somebody had made off with them; they were missing! What use was a batch of brownies to a Scouter with no hiking boots; etc, etc & so on & so forth. Panic stations…
LB quickly weaned himself off his on-line game site and deigned to dress himself; announcing his intention to come with us. He, a mere Cub Scout; had aspirations to climb to the summit of our local extinct volcano which lies due north of the village by a distance of less than ten miles. BB, the Scout who leads his patrol in their adventures far and wide was incensed and threw a tantrum.
The soup was nice. The brownies better. My hiking boots were located in the least likely of places, ie under the bed and we all set off as happy as could be. A new set of batteries for the camera picked up along the way and two more ‘girl-scouts’ too! Each set of siblings taunting one another about who was going to sit next to whom, and so on. Ah, the joys of it all!
To add insult to injury the weather forecasters had got it all horribly wrong. Not a drop of water was seen all day and apart from the howling gale at the top of the hill it really was a very mild spring day altogether. It was a great day to spend with friends and family, stuffing our faces with all manner of chocolate; collapsed in a heap while surveying the panorama below. For a small hill, it sure is steep.
It was a perfect photo day, with a red smiley kite looking down on us as we scaled the dizzy heights. Primroses huddled together under the blackthorn hedges, sheltering from the incessant breeze, a further sign of spring’s arrival. They would have made pretty subjects for my photo-cards,but it wasn’t meant to be; the new batteries were as lifeless as the old.
Going back to a comment made on one of my other blogs; it reminded me of how the Easter holiday is a time for family and Christian celebrations. What a shame then that my Jehovah Witness friends weren’t met with hospitality as they knocked on the doors of the local village. The average reaction was one of “How dare they; it being Easter Monday and all… It’s a celebration for Catholics Christians!” (Grrh…!)
I’m glad that I was where I was and not a party to any of that; I only heard about it through the grapevine, ie from a friend of a friend. I thought that part of being Christian was to embrace the spirit of Christianity and share in celebration of this season above all others.
Apparently, I’ve got it all wrong and so have my Witness friends…If anyone out there has any ideas on this particular subject I’d be interested to hear them, so do drop me a line and let me know what you think of this somewhat selfish mentality which seems so prevalent in today’s society.Anyway, that’s enough spleen vented:- for now! Recipes can be picked up over on Vinca’s-In-Tha-Kitchen tomorrow…
Happy Eatser Easter!
Polly Peirce

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