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January 30, 2008 at 12:05 pm 2 comments

Heaven help us all, it’s over a month since I last posted on this particular blog! I’ve been busy, doing bits n pieces for Christmas, over Christmas and after Christmas. By the way, we had a lovely sedate Christmas, sitting in front of a blazing fire playing cards and board games with the children and my Mom. Brilliant…
Memories of the Goose and Christmas Tree belong to the dim and distant past. It really does seem like ages ago. Would anyone mind explaining to me, then, why my Christmas decorations are still sitting on an arm chair in the sitting room waiting to be tucked away in the attic for another year?Maybe it’s because we didn’t put them up until Christmas Eve.
Over the twelve days of Christmas we had the brief pleasure of looking at the quirky mixture of wooden or straw ornaments and fine glass baubles dangling from the spindly branches of the dark green prickly tree. With the lights dimmed and the room softly lit by fairy lights draped over our five and a half foot high mantle piece, an air of mystery and romance descends upon us. It is one of my favourite past-times; One small Christmas Tree Catone of those bizarre traditions which transcends the years separating the generations.
Some years ago; shortly after my grandmother’s demise, a number of old fashioned reel to reel films fell into my mother’s hands. On borrowing what was probably one of the last cine-projectors in the area, a whole world was re-discovered; dating back to circa nineteen-forty seven.
A promising amateur photographer; my grandfather had captured their Christmas tree, adorned in all its glory with a little girl ,dressed in a deep red pinafore dress posing in front of it. Considering their vintage; the intensity of the colours will never cease to amaze me. To preserve those precious memories; bearing in mind the condition of the original film, stills were printed and now take pride of place in our respective homes.
Those same baubles, many of which were of quality Swiss glass survived at least two generations of children; until LB, aged three decided to climb his granny’s tree. His sugar crazed frenzy incurred several breakages. I only hope that my own grandchildren will share my fondness of these fragile treasures.
I content myself with finding terrific post Christmas sales; picking up treasures for trees in the years to come at affordable prices. Often tempted by ridiculous discounts; I decline opportunities to purchase everlasting petrochemical trees, in favour of fallen pine needles and a years supply of kindling. Memories of laughing at our dogs as they drink the pine flavoured water beneath the tree, and of cats and children ascending to merry heights amid the trinkets and baubles are priceless gems worthy of their associated inconveniences.
At any given time of the year, bits and pieces of my Christmas stash nestle unobtrusively along side more practical collections of books, tools, abandoned CD cases, jars filled with sand and shells, coins or nails, etc. It is memories like these which cause me to struggle each year, to hide the evidence of a holiday celebration long gone.
Were I a healthier, more motivated individual; no doubt all of this would have been put away ages ago. I’m not; it’s not. Does it really matter? My home is clean enough to be healthy; its inhabitants’ happy, so none of this really matters, does it? Except that it is this which makes us appreciate the happiness within our crazy lives…
Happy New Year!
Polly P

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  • 1. vinca  |  January 30, 2008 at 7:08 pm

    This is a pile doo doo. Lots of love BB

  • 2. vinca  |  January 30, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    Probably! But thanks anyway, Px

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