Christmas Falls But Once A Year

December 19, 2007 at 3:25 pm Leave a comment

Once again my back is at me, it’s really my left sacro-iliac joint; ie to the left side of my pelvis, in between the hip and the spine, and it’s bugging the hell out of me. It’s even affecting the quality of my sleep, which is really the last thing that I need now. My symphysis pubis, ie the bone in front of your bladder isn’t quite 100% either.

The old shoulder is still playing up, but thankfully this is only a little bit now, seems my love affair with the tennis ball has paid off. I have been using the tennis ball to exert pressure on my tender point under the shoulder blade. With immediate effect the pain in my right arm stops for a few minutes and is lessened when it came back!

I’ve deliberately reduced my medication, as it seems to be having an adverse effect on my bowels, ie constipation.The tons of medications, the pain, the generalised debilitation and late nights all seem to have affected my get up & go.

I hope to God that I come back to feeling like me again soon, cos I’m getting fed up with the other me at the moment! Okay, so it’s all an illusion, but it’s one that I mostly like.

When the medication is working, at least, the pain goes away and some of the tiredness fades into the background. Then again, I have been over extending myself recently, so maybe this is HIS way of telling me to cut it out and look after no1!

There is just so much to be done and I am sitting here asking myself just how much of what I would like to do will get done. There are only a very few days left to go now, until Christmas that is, and very little time available.

More importantly it is LB’s birthday on Saturday. It falls at one of the most unfortunate times of the year; considering that for the past five years or so his best friend is expected to go shopping with Daddy rather than attend LB’s birthday!

I would prefer to be able to give the poor child more of my attention for his special day, rather than have it over shadowed by the other celebration and preparations for it. Still, we can have a party at any time of the year, can’t we?

Together we finished the cards in celebration of Christ’s birthday on the 25th. If we’re lucky we might just catch the post in time. We don’t receive many cards at this house as we haven’t sent many in the past, is it possible that my lack of enthusiasm for this tradition has its origins in my Fibromyalgia? Or is it simply that I missed the post?

We’ll have a couple of kids over for a sleepover on Saturday night. They can watch Lemony Snicket and help me decorate the tree, that is if we ever locate somewhere to put it! LB can have a proper celebration once all the excitement has died down and then he might just get his friends full attention and get to enjoy the occasion.

Meantime, I have numerous tasks to tackle. Considering that I’m half dressed and frozen cold I think I might just get up from the PC & get moving; it’s good for the circulation you know…

Seasons Greetings

Polly P


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