Procrastination? Me…?

Polly Pierce of Vinca Cards makes a shocking discovery. As she opens each of her blogs on Internet Explorer the truth of her neglect begins to appear before her very eyes.
Procrastination may be the thief of time but, it appears it is also the thief of Google Page Rankings …


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Sale of over 1,000 used high street and designer dresses

Sale of over 1,000 used high street and designer dresses

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Title-less Polly

I love my camera; in fact I love them both! If that makes me a scarlet woman; so be it! Thanks to digital photography I have learned much about the art of photography generally; however, this has also led to one or two minor problems. See what I mean…

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Polly Calls For Action

Earlier this week I received an e-mail from a friend of mine. The subject of it was the human rights attrocities toward the Roma people at the hands of the Italian government.

Huh?! Yes, that was exactly my reaction too, after all there had been nothing on the news about this the previous nite. I politely replied that I would look into it more before committing myself to signing my name to the attatched petition, etc, etc.

What a good job I did. On searching for information about this issue using keywords such as Italian, Roma, Gypsy, and the like I came across very little. Being a bit of a conspiracy theorist, after the likes of Dan Brown; whose writing I thoroughly enjoyed, I decided to dig deeper. After all; a lot of things are squashed by the powers that be, aren’t they?

Anyway, I won’t go on and on, as is my want. If you would like to know more about this important issue; which smacks of fascism and a repeat of the events which lead to World War 2 read on…

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Polly’s Ergonomics

Last week when I started to write this I felt lousy; so I decided to dedicate the time spent blogging about some of the devices and hard stuff that I use to help me maintain a reasonable degree of sanity while suffering from Fibromyalgia/ME.

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And Polly Offended Anonymous

Vinca the Tinka showcases a contraversial though excellent photoshop tutorial on how to turn someone into a vampire using computer technology. The now pregnant Ms Jolie makes a sensationally beautiful vampire and credit is due to Yankfroggy who produced this tutorial. Sadly Polly Peirce is reviled as being heartless and cruel to those of her kind…

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Hi there!

When I opened my e-mails this morning I came across on from Yaro Stark; he periodically sends me tips and hints on how to be a blogger and even make a little money out of it. This particular e-mail is of great interest to me; despite the fact that I’ve been blogging for a while now, as it offers a link to his Become a Blogger site.

As they say, curiosity killed the cat and of course I just had to open the link and explore further into the realm of this blog master. I had heard about the video series, which he mentions in the e-mail, but somehow I had never actually come across them; maybe because of the difficulties dealing with a back-log of mail…

If only I had encountered this series of video’s when I started off blogging! I have no doubt that I would have found things easier and would have progressed at a better speed than I have; despite this I am please to announce that I now have two blog’s with a Google Page Ranking. Okay, so it is only a One; but hey, out of 10 that’s not too bad and it’s better than a big, fat Zero! Maybe you’d like to check ’em out and let me know what you think: Polly’s Peri-wrinkle’s & Peircing’s! and the Vinca Cards landing page!

For anyone who’s thinking of setting out on the journey that I started a little over six months ago, why not follow the link and see what Yaro has to offer. I certainly intend to, even if it’s only to confirm what I have actually learned so far; hopefully I will come away with loads of idea’s on how to improve things in my little realm in Blogland…

Polly Peirce

Purveyor of Fine Hand-made Irish Greeting Cards & Wedding Stationary

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